Mad Doctor's Plan is a song from Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two. It is sung by Mad Doctor towards the end of the game.


Mad Doctor: Testing, testing.

Dear diary, it's the Mad Doctor.

Wonderfully evil me.

I fooled Prescott into turning on his friends.

While he built me my TV. (hee!)

Now I broadcast my show to the Cartoon World.

Will they forget me? NEVER!

Oh yes I'll be remembered.

And I can leave Wasteland FOREVER!

I know the guardians can make me a toon again.

I played Mickey and Oswald for FOOLS!

But even I didn't know that the earthquakes would strike.

When they sucked up the guardian pools.

And that wasn't even a part of my plan.

A plan that's evil as can be.

It won't be long until Wasteland will be destroyed.

And very soon,

I'll be a toon...

Dear Diary, who's the maddest, mad doctor of all?

Wonderfully evil me!


  • This song was reportedly a late addition to the story due to rewrites and time constraints.[1][note 1]


  1. The email interview was allegedly conducted privately by a user of the GameSpot forums over email with Adam Fenton, and thus cannot be definitively confirmed.


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