Mad Doctor's Wonderful World of Evil is a song from Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two. It is sung by The Mad Doctor during the World of Evil projector level.


Mad Doctor: Welcome, boys and girls.

To the wonderful world of evil.

Today, I have a tragic tale for you.

You know I fell into the Gulch and planned to take revenge on Wasteland.

Yes take revenge.

That's what I planned to do.

I needed an army,

So I created Blotworx.

Blotworx; part Beetleworx, part Spatter.

But they were unpredictable,

And had to be cast out.

I had to stop again with that entire matter.

My toon parts were interfering with my animatronics.

That's bad right from the start.

I needed a way to become a toon again

Because I was falling apart!

After the break,

There's lots of fun in store.

We'll talk about my plans to become a toon again and more

On 'The Mad Doctor's Wonderful World of Evil!'


  • It's possible that the 'unpredictable' part was a reference to an earlier script, where the Blotworx inadvertently send Gremlin Prescott falling to his doom.
  • The song is not included on the game's soundtrack.
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