Madame Leona is a woman's head inside a round green crystal ball, who lives in the library of the Lonesome Manor. She is notable in her appearance (as Madame Leota) in Disney's The Haunted Mansion.

There are three quests that Madame Leona has for Mickey:

Mickey can collect a silver pin from Madame Leona if he collected all six of the flying books. If he thinned them out, he will receive no reward. Mickey can also earn the Art Appreciator pin if he completed the painting restoration quest. If Mickey completed all three quests, Madame Leona will return the favor by using her voodoo magic to repel the Slobber that arrives when she opens the door containing the Haunted House Scene 2 Projector Screen.

She will not be affected by Paint or Thinner, but if you try to use thinner on her she will say how rude you are.

She is voiced by Susanne Blakeslee.


  • "Please give him my regards when you return to Bog Easy."
  • "I sent Ghost Ian to Bog Easy to retrieve one of my books. I understand you have it. Return it to me and I will be generous. As I have my book back I will be understanding with Ian. Once again, he has failed me. If I see him again, I shall make a bookmark out of him!"
  • "Clobber, clobber the ugly Slobber. Melt him away and away he'll stay." When a Slobber appears and he is instantly thinned.
  • "There. Good riddance."


  • Gremlin Jarvis mentions that Madame Leona doesn't care much for him, wishing to keep out of her sight. He is more frightened of her than he is the Mad Doctor.
  • As her actual counterpart Madame Leota is not a toon but a live-action character, Madame Leona could be the result of a concept of using animation for this effect, that the developers of the real Haunted Mansion eventually replaced by the live-action figure, causing Madame Leona to pop up in the Wasteland.


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