4 Goons

Maleficent's Goons are a type of enemy found in Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion. They are copies of their toon counterparts, conjured using Mizrabel's magic. They carry a double sided skewer and walk back and forth. Unlike most enemies, when they spot Mickey Mouse they do not change their pacing.

There are two types of Goon.

Regular Goon

Mickey can defeat them with an attack made directly on their body, or by using Paint or Thinner.

Shielded Goon


Shielded Goon

These Goons are almost identical in every way, except they protect themselves from Mickey's frontal attacks with a blue shield, rendering his Paintbrush useless unless he attacks them when they turn away.

These Pigs show up in the later levels, replacing their simpler counterparts.

Levels Found

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