The Manor House is a level in Epic Mickey. It is reached from Bog Easy via the second part of the Lonesome Ghosts projector. This area cannot be returned to once left.

After a cutscene introduction to the area, Mickey is tasked with navigating through the thinner pools and blotlings to get inside the house. There are several tombstones that can be read along the way. Part of the graveyard is blocked by a thinner pool and can be accessed by thinning out the tree holding an anvil to keep the pressure plate activated, causing platforms to rise and forming a path. As Mickey reaches the front of the house, the Mad Doctor interrupts and taunts him before departing and leaving behind a chest containing an anvil sketch, which can then be used to hold the pressure plate in front of the house, causing the door to stay open for Mickey to progress. The sketch can also be obtained from Gremlin Neville, who is trapped behind one of the toon windows of the house.



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