Epic Mickey 2 The Power Of Two - PSV - 01-2

Epic Mickey 2 The Power Of Two - PSV - 01-2. Main Street South, The Underground

Underground Abyss

The abyss and river of thinner separating the two halves of Mean Street

The Mean Street Underground is an area in Epic Mickey 2 that connects Mean Street South and Mean Street North. The name, as it suggests, is located underground. It can be accessed by two hatches, one next to Horace's Detective Agency in Mean Street South, and another located in a small building under Mean Street North. The underground separates Mean Street North and South by a river of thinner and a small abyss. the player needs to, as Mickey, toss Oswald in the air and hover over using the various air streams blowing up over the abyss. Once Mickey has safely crossed the abyss, he can use the Mean Street North Elevator or Mean Street South Elevator to get out.


  • When the player looks at Mean Street North from Mean Street South, or vice versa, it is visible that the other half of Mean Street is very far away. However, the underground shows that it is separated by a river of thinner. It is unknown how this works.
  • Gremlin Flynn can be rescued from a cage, in accordance with the Gremlin Cage quest. He will then unlock the balloon that can speed Mickey across the big gap separating the two halves of Mean Street for 20 E-Tickets.
  • On Mickey Mouse's second and third visit to the Underground, there will be some hovering platforms with Chests, each yielding Generic Pins.
  • There is also a secret entrance located behind The Emporium on Mean Street South that can be fixed with Scrap Metal.
  • Other areas of the underground can be accessed by machines in Mean Street North and Mean Street South.
  • The background music for this area is a version of the OsTown soundtrack.

The hatch next Horace's Detective Agency on Mean Street South leading to the Underground

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