Minnie Mouse is the girlfriend of Mickey Mouse. She resides in the Cartoon World along with many other Disney characters, including Daisy, Goofy, and Donald.

Minnie appeared in concept art for Epic Mickey, but didn't appear in the actual game herself. She did however appear on some posters and other merchandise on Mickeyjunk Mountain and on the projector screens.

She was also mentioned in the graphic novel by Clarabelle Cow and by Mickey in the junior novel when he is taken by the fake blot. However, Minnie appears in Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion. In the game, Mizrabel kidnaps her (along with the other famous toons) and Mickey must save her and the other toons. 

She was voiced by Russi Taylor until her death in 2019.


Minnie Mouse is almost identical to Mickey Mouse, other than a few small differences. She has long eyelashes, a skirt with polka dots, and yellow high heels. In her classic design, she is seen with a flower hat similar to Ortensia's, but in Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion and some concept art of Epic Mickey, she is seen with her trademark Bow (this was probably done so she would be more recognizable). In her actual classic appearance, Minnie wore a light blue skirt with polka dots, but in Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion she wears an identical red one (probably to match Mickey's shorts). What's even more confusing is that in concept art of Epic Mickey, Minnie wore a pink skirt with no polka dots. This is because Minnie's design has changed a lot through the years. Her appearance in Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion is identical to the picture above, but she wears a red bow instead of a red flower hat.


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