The Moonliner Rocket is a important objective point in the game. It is located in the Tomorrow City Space Voyage area. After you get to the top of Mickeyjunk Mountain and complete the three challenges for the Ace of Deckers, you meet Oswald. He doesn't want Mickey here and he comes up with a plan to help Mickey escape Wasteland to launch the Moonliner Rocket in Tomorrow City up in the sky as Mickey can escape due to having a heart.

You eventually head back to Mean Street and Oswald will tell Mickey that to get the rocket launched, you will to retrieve all the rocket pieces. 

You will have to get the project screen to Tomorrow City working with the help of Gremlin Markus in order to reach the objective. Once, you have reached the Space Voyage Area - you will meet up with Oswald and he will tell you that the Mad Doctor sabotaged the rocket parts.

The first piece is in the hands of Petetronic and the next are in Tortooga and Lonesome Manor. He will tell Mickey and Gus to meet him on Mickeyjunk Mountain, after he has retrieved all of the pieces.

Mickey will have to retrieve all of these for the Moonliner Rocket to activate.

Rocket Pieces

  • The first piece, the disc, will be recieved if you either defeat or redeem Petetronic. This one is Petetronic's disc, one of the missing rocket parts, sits atop the glowing round platform ahead. Quickly proceed down the path before it vanishes.
  • The second piece, the joystick, will be in Tortooga. You will be allowed to retrieve another part after dealing or defeating Captain Hook on the Jolly Roger. The rocket part will be in the last treasure chest.
  • The final piece, the fuel tank, will be in Lonesome Manor after defeating the Mad Doctor (who is presumed to be dead). Gus discovers that Doc dropped the final piece and tells Mickey to get back to Mean Street - so they can prepare for liftoff.


  • Despite having such a fairly big role in the first game the Rocket is only mentioned by cameo appearances such as a sign in Autotopia and Tomorrow city being seen in the distance at Autotopia and on Yen Sid's model of wasteland. It also appears on a pin available at Becca's in a black bag trade.
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