Much Ado About Blotlings is a quest in Ventureland in Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two. You can either do Daisy's path or Starkey's Path.

Daisy's Path

Take the path to the construction site that is higher off the ground and above the boats. Once there, Talk to Pete Pan and pay him or sneak in through the main gate. You will see the crane. Have Oswald shock a power console with his remote. It will open a door. Paint in the three gears inside and once you return to Ventureland after fighting The Mad Doctor at the end, Daisy will give you a pin.

Starkey's Path

Take the lower path with the boats and the Elephants blowing steam at you. You will eventually see three houses supported by toon platforms. Thin the platforms. Paint them back in and use them to get up. Once in the construction site go to the lower area and thin out a toon wall. You will see some fireworks. drag them by the crane and light them off. On your return visit in the epilogue talk to Starkey who is right by where the crane was. he will give you a pin.


  • It is possible to get inside the building built in Starkey's path. There is an opening in between the walls and the roof. There is nothing in there but it is still fun to do.
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