Inside the museum


Inside the museum in Epic Mickey 2

The Museum is an area located on Mean Street. It is run by Laralee and she asks Mickey Mouse if he can go and collect rare items that would be great to display.

In one quest, Mickey will need to get a Power Spark. They have one at the museum which he will have to trade a piece that is more interesting. The owner says that they have some cool stuff at the theater. Mickey can talk to the Usher and he will give him captain hook's saber. Mickey returns to the museum, trades it and he will get the Power Spark.

The Museum is also a major location for numerous quests, including Watch the Skies, One Toon's Trash, and The Spirit of Wasteland quest in Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two. In Watch the Skies, Mickey and Oswald can choose to hand in various items to Laralee. Doing so has the pair rewarded with the Consummate Collector pin. In One Toon's Trash, Oswald and Mickey can sell various items from around the Wasteland to Laralee, which are then put on display and can be purchased back at any time. The Spirit of the Wasteland's quest is also directly connected to the Museum, as all of the spirit statues are found within the building and it is possible to trigger this quest in the Museum if it is visited before the Walt statue in Mean Street North.


  • The museum may be based on the American Adventure attraction in Disney World. Both buildings also feature the spirit statues, albeit with the Disney World version having statues of people.
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