Nintendo Power is a magazine published by Nintendo. It has published several issues with reviews on Epic Mickey, even having the game appear as the cover story of issue #259.

Issues with Epic Mickey content

Holiday 2009 (#249)

This issue contained a "first look" at Epic Mickey. It contained an interview with Warren Spector about how Mickey's more human and well-behaved than he used to be. Hopefully Epic Mickey will change all that.

February 2010 (# 251)

The February 2010 issue was the second issue to feature Epic Mickey content. It contained another interview with Warren Spector. The NP team talked with him about:

  • When he first became a Disney fan (Since he was born when his dad bought him a Pluto plush toy on the day of his birth).
  • His favorite Disney cartoon (Several, including The Band Concert, Lonesome Ghosts, Clock Cleaners, The Mad Doctor, Steamboat Willie, and Plane Crazy).
  • How he arrived at Mickey's classic look for the game (Getting him back to his roots fit with it, and you can change his look depending on how you behave in the game).
  • If Mickey's going to have any "cartoony" abilities like using his tail as a sword (No, Paint and Thinner are going to be his main weapons in the game).
  • If Mickey's his favorite Disney character (#3. #1 is Scrooge McDuck, and #2 is Oswald).
  • If Epic Mickey is inspired or referenced by any other games (Yes: a sort of mash-up between Mario, Zelda, Ratchet & Clank, and Deus Ex, although the specific percentages are up to the player).
  • If Okami was an influence (They looked at it, but the painting mechanics in Epic Mickey are different than those in Okami).
  • If there have been any headaches or surprises with the fact that he's dealing with licensed property (Of course. There's going to be things that he gets to decide be put in the game, but there's another "creative box" on top of his).
  • Is Epic Mickey more rewarding than his original property? (Heck, yeah. Not everyone has heard of Deus Ex, but everyone knows Mickey Mouse).
  • What's his approach to humor in the game (His favorite part is the League of Petes; how around every corner is an incarnation of Pete, like one in a Small World costume).
  • And finally, why he thinks Mickey's been popular for so long (The fact that he's changed many times, i.e. crazy in Runaway Brain, anarchic in Steamboat Willie, heroic in Brave Little Tailor, and the leader of the gang in The Band Concert. Which one do you like? Players will be able to explore different aspects of Mickey's personality).


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