Oh What a Knight is a 2D level based on the Disney Short. This one is based on the Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoon.




Oswald dueling Pete.

Oswald had to go through a series of obstacles and inconveniences to try and get with his love interest Ortensia (still known as "Sadie" back then). Oswald attempts to impress her with an accordion, however, this backfires and the accordion shoots water at him. Soon after Oswald does manage to win her over by planting a kiss after climbing the tower. This lasts only seconds before an early version of Pete shows up to attack Oswald. Oswald then goes against Alligators, Knights, and one angry lion to get to his love interest.

In Epic Mickey

When Mickey goes to Mickeyjunk Mountain he has to pass three trials in the form of going through three Projector Screens, they are Trolley Troubles, Great Guns and Oh What a Knight, in order to meet with Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.


Mickey enters the level and goes through the very same series of obstacles that Oswald went through in the short. Along the way he will have meet Oswald's Steed, cross a river infested by Alligators, get past a Lion, avoid the Oswald cartoon version of Pete and either platform over cartoon kisses to get to Ortensia's Balcony or Jump to avoid the Little Knights.


Mickey finding Ortensia in the projector screen: Oh What a Knight


  • Unlike Trolley Troubles and Great Guns the Oh what a Knight stage has a medley of Oswald music (for example the first part is the title screen music used for this short)
  • In the cartoon the window Ortensia was in was above the moat but it has been moved right to the end of the level.
  • This cartoon can be unlocked in game as well as "The Mad Doctor".



Oswald the Lucky Rabbit ~ Oh What a Knight

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit ~ Oh What a Knight

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