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One Toon's Trash is a quest given by Laralee in Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two. The quest is giving her items, no matter how insignificant they are. The stages of the quest are: sell her 5 items, then 10, and finally 15.

Item List

  • Real Gear: The gear you can find if you discover if you pull all the grave heads back to their positions. If you give it to Gremlin Sparks, you can't give it to Laralee anymore.
  • Fake Gear: The gear Gilbert gives you if you talk to him after fixing Sparks's forge.
  • Part 79-B: This is not a quest related item. You can give it to Gremlin Jamface to fix the Transport Tubes or sell it to Laralee.
  • Melted Ice Cream: This is not a quest related item. You can buy it from Paulie before you fix his air conditioner. It is recommended to buy this item to complete the quest.
  • Ice Cream: This is not a quest related item. Buy it from Paulie and sell it.
  • Toon Fiddle: For the Creative Threedom quest, you can give Practical Pig the toon fiddle or the real world fiddle. If you sell tis fiddle, you have to give him the real world one to Practical Pig.
  • Real World Fiddle: For the Creative Threedom quest, give it to Practical Pig, or sell it for a higher price than the toon fiddle.
  • Clock Hands: This is not a quest related item. These can be found in Fort Wasteland in the first area. You can repair the clock and get the Extra Content and an Oswald picture for the Finding the Hidden Heroes quest, or sell them.
  • Hook's Robe, Hat, Hook, and Rapier: For the quest of going to the Construction Site. If don't give the clothes neither Daisy nor Smee, and make it to the Construction Site by your own way, you will complete the Make Your Own Way challenge. Otherwise, you can sell all of them for 2000 E-Tickets in total.
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