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Operation Gremlin Drop is a quest given by Gremlin Gus when you cross the Thinner Chasm and meet a trapped Gremlin. The Gremlins are somehow getting trapped in cages by a mysterious force. To complete it, you will need to once again rescue all Gremlins in the game.

Gremlin Locations
Name Location Reward
Purple Gremlin Underground: North Side Balloon Ride between Mean Street Sides
Blue Gremlin Rainbow Falls: in a toon rock after the first water spout lift. Clue to a secret location above the seesaw rock.

Green Gremlin

Disney Gulch: in a cave near the D.E.C. entrance. Stops the Spatter Tube.

Gremlin Sparks 

Bog Easy: On the rooftop of the Shanty Shop. Offers a quest for you later.
Blue Gremlin Blot Alley: Behind a toon wall at the start. Opens the door without Mickey having to help Petetronic deal with the Blotworx.
Yellow Gremlin Train Tunnels: Behind a toon wall on the right wall of the Clock Diorama. Stops the moving platforms.
Yellow Gremlin Fort Wasteland: On a ledge at the top of the forest area. Gives you a Gold E-Ticket; helps you in the second Blotling fight if you take the Thinner Path.
Green Gremlin Floatyard: On a ledge at the top of the Toon Chasm (Floatyard's central hallway)

Offers a pseudo-quest later.

Green Gremlin Ventureland: In a pathway between the Jungle Cruise ride and the construction crane. Joins the residents of Ventureland when you return.
Gremlin Stuffus Autotopia: On a ledge near the start. Fixes a car that crashes, revealing a Treasure Chest.
Gremlin Jamface Mad Doctor's Attic: inside a large cage in the middle of the attic. Ohana Pin; he will not be mad at you in the Epilogue.
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