OsTown is the wasteland's versoin of toontown. An exact replica of Mickey 's house is here, that Oswald created for Mickey if he was eventually forgotten, with a copy of Mickey's car. The bridge leading to Mickeyjunk Mountain is closed, but this is how to open it:

  • Open the noisy safe. To do this either paint Moody's house,or thin the beam holding it up.The latter however, makes the safe fall on Moody. This frees Gremlin Prescot.
  • Prescot tells you the Telephone has his wrench. To get the the wrench, you can either paint the phone boxes around town, or let Prescot dismatle the phone.Here are the power box locations:
  • One on the side of Mickey's house. This is already painted.
  • One in a pit in Clarabelle's house. Clarabelle is shocked, as she had no idea it was there.
  • One on the roof of the gag factory.
  • One in a cave to the gag factory's left. Use thinner on the wall until you find it. Then go back to the phone to get the wrench.
  • Give the wrench to Prescot. He will lower the bridge.


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