The Jugband in Bog Easy is making shrieking noises that have lured in Ghost Fineas. Fineas' friend Rolly wantsMickey to repair the band machine so Fineas can be freed. A local named Louis wants Mickey to sabotage the band machine so that the ghosts will leave Bog Easy instead.

Part 1

Decide whether to repair the Jugband or sabotage it.

Choice 1

Sabotage the Jugband for Louis by spraying Thinner into the funnel at the top of the Jugband.

  • Reward: Music to my Ears pin and Scrap Metal from the destroyed Jugband

Choice 2

Repair the Jugband for Rolly

  • Step A: Paint the missing instruments
  • Step B: Match the band members with the correct instruments using the lever on the floor. The band member with his hands low plays the drums, the one with hands spread far apart plays the banjo, and the one with his hands clapping high plays the accordion.
  • Step C: Once the band members are back in position, Oswald can activate the machine to fix it.
  • Reward: Silly Symphony pin and access to the second part of the quest.

Part 2

With Fineas back, Rolly wants to remind him what things were like before the quake. They ask Mickey to paint all the missing

around town to restore Bog Easy to the way it used to be

  • Reward: Perfect Harmony pin
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