Thinnerpaint pump

Mickey filling the pump in the Gremlin Village with Paint

Paint and Thinner Pumps are pieces of machinery in Epic Mickey and Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two. When Mickey finds one of these in Wasteland, he can fill it with either Paint or Thinner, but both can't be in at once. Paint can fix rides and get things done in the correct way. Thinner, however, will disrupt and shut it down. Sometimes that's handy, though.

List of Pumps

Epic Mickey

  • In Gremlin Tim's park, there is one that can be accessed through the back of the boat ride. This pump is connected to the Spinning Teacup ride. Filling it with Paint causes the ride to start up again, which Gremlin Tim will allow access to a treasure chest with a Bronze Pin inside, saying you can keep it. Filling it with Thinner causes the ride to break down and never work again, much to Gremlin Tim's disbelief, but it will give you a gold E-Ticket.
  • In the Gremlin Village, there is one found after Mickey completes the transition level "Clock Cleaners." Filling it with Paint opens an exit gate, and reveals a Gold E-Ticket (worth 100 tickets). If Thinner was used instead, the gate will be destroyed, making it hazardous. You would have to time your entry to avoid getting hurt if you do it this way.
  • Inside Mickeyjunk Mountain's Beetleworx factory, there are several found linked up to doors. FIlling them with Paint will open up the internal path, whereas Thinner will open the path outside the factory.
  • In Petetronic's arena, there is one attached to Petetronic. Filling it with Paint rewrites his program, making him more friendly. Filling it with Thinner destroys his program after Mickey sends a disc back at him.
  • On Skull Island, powering a machine that was turning pirates into robots. Filling it with Paint will make the effects reversible, turning the robots back to organic forms, while Thinner destroys it, and the robots will remain permanent.

Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two

  • There are numerous pumps on entrances to the Underground in Mean Street.


  • A special pump, the Jug Pump, was scrapped in early production of the first game.
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