Mickey's Paintbrush is the main weapon in Epic Mickey. Originally, Yen Sid owned the brush and used the paint to bring the world of lost and forgotten characters to life, and thinner to clean the paint off the brush once finished. Unfortunately, Mickey used the brush to create the Shadow Blot (inadverdantly). A long time later, as the Blot kidnaps Mickey, he grabs the brush just before he's sucked into the Wasteland.


The mess that started it all

As a weapon

Mickey has the option of using two substances with the brush. Mickey will point and fire the substance at an enemy, NPC, object or building depending on the player's preference. Mickey can also swing the brush to sweep away enemies who get too close to him.

The two main substances:

  • Thinner - a malicous substance that destroys aspects of the wasteland, although it can kill enemies and is needed. It also, sadly, increases Mickey's dark side.
  • Paint - a heroic substance that improves aspects of the wasteland, and can also turn enemies into allies and improve Mickey's heroic deeds, which is needed in order to gain new allies.
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