Patrolling Palace Guard

Palace Guards are an enemy found in Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion. They are based off the Guards found in the Aladdin series.

They can be found in Agrabah, Cave of Wonders: Entrance and Cave of Wonders: Inner Reaches.

There are two types of Palace Guards.


The first are the patrolling Palace Guards. When they see Mickey, they will make a straight charge for him. Mickey will need to run back or leap out of the way to avoid being struck.



Fruit-slinging Palace Guard

The second are the fruit-slinging Palace Guards. These guards will throw melons either up or down, depending on where Mickey is. The fruit will go straight through any objects it touches. If Mickey reaches their level, they transform into patrolling Palace Guards.

As with most enemies, Mickey can defeat them using his Paint or Thinner.

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