This article is about Pete Pan, the one residing in Ventureland. For the other Petes, see Pete (Disambiguation).

Pete Pan is Wasteland's version of Peter Pan and is the Ventureland version of Pete. Since he is purposely based off of the real Peter Pan, this Pete wears a Peter Pan outfit. He is voiced by Jim Cummings.


According to Warren Spector in an interview published in The Art of Epic Mickey, Pete Pan was created under the premise that 'if Pete was wearing a Peter Pan costume, and was hit on the head by a frying pan, would he believe he was the real Peter Pan?' 

Epic Mickey

After the Blot's attack, Captain Hook went mad and stole the Sprite (the Wasteland's version of Tinker Bell) leaving Pete Pan unable to fly and trapped on Skull Island (Skull Rock). When Mickey rescues the Sprite, it flies to Skull Island and Pete Pan comes to the Jolly Roger to fight Hook, if you didn't defeat him already, that is. This keeps Hook busy to his original antics. If you talk to Big Bad Pete in Mean Street, he will give you a Power Spark.

Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two

In the sequel, Pete Pan has been corrupted and is hired by the Mad Doctor to be the security guard at the Construction Site in Ventureland, refusing to let Mickey and Oswald enter. In order to progress at this point, Mickey and Oswald must use either Indelible Ink or Invisible Ink to sneak past him. An alternative is to pay a bribe of 500 E-Tickets so he'll let Mickey and Oswald in to the contruction site. At the end of the game, he appears with Big Bad Pete and Small Pete (and Petetronic in the Bad Ending) jumping into the Ventureland projector to possibly plan an evil scheme on Wasteland.

Epic Mickey: Tales of Wasteland

In the series of comics taking place before the Thinner Disaster, Pete Pan does not appear by himself, but it is mentioned in Big Bad Pete's Tales of Wasteland profile that he sometimes "wrecks havoc while posing as a Peter Pan ersatz", rather clearly implying that Pete Pan is actually Big Bad Pete in disguise.



  • "Get lost before I make ya' lost!"
  • "Amscray, shrimp!"
  • "Beat it, small fry!"


  • In Epic Mickey, even if Captain Hook has been destroyed, Mickey can still rescue the sprite and restore Pete Pan's flying ability, although this won't change the ending scene with Hook's hook sinking. It is unknown what he does after this, but is presumed that Pete Pan won't have anything to do, and most certainly if you jammed or ignored the Pirate Conversion Machine.
  • Unlike his other counterparts, Pete Pan is more friendly, active, honest and loyal. In fact, he shares many mannerisms with Peter Pan, including crowing like a rooster. All this is explained by Spector's telling of the origins of the character.

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