The original Phantom Blot is a wanted criminal and first appeared in "Mickey Mouse Outwits the Phantom Blot".

It was rumored that this version of the Phantom Blot was supposed to be used as either of the following:

  • The thief in Mean Street
  • The guy who would challenge Mickey to races around various levels in the game until he was replaced by another character
  • A boss, possibly in Mean Street to mark the completion of 50% of the game's story
  • A cameo appearance in a jail cell in City Hall, supposedly complaining how he had been thrown in jail for being accused of working for the Shadow Blot.

He is not to be confused with the dark cloaked figure in a Behind the Scenes video, as that would be the Mad Doctor in his "raincoat" from his original short film appearance.

The idea of adding this Phantom Blot was scrapped, probably because it would be hard for the player to keep track of which Blot the characters were talking about. So, MAKE SURE HE DOESN'T STEAL YOUR NICE POO!

The Phantom Blot has also made an appearance in The House of Mouse episode, "Where's Minnie?"

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