Phineas is a Ghost in Bog Easy in Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two. On Mickey's second visit to the area, by a weird machine, is a ghost named Rolly. He misses his buddy Phineas and wants the mouse to repair the machine later reveled to be the Jug Band. After repairing it Phineas comes out and thanks Mickey. If Mickey destroys the machine then Phineas will be furious and leave Bog Easy with Rolly following him.


  • Phineas and Rolly both are mentioned in the first game, but not by an NPC or Gus. In the Lonesome Manor's stretching room, one of the paintings is of Constance Hatchaway holding an axe next to the grave of her 7 expired husbands. Rolly and Phineas' names are on the grave.
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