Pinocchio is the main protagonist of the Disney film Pinocchio. He makes his first appearance in Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion, where the evil witch Mizrabel has sucked him out of the Toon World and into her Castle of Illusion, which is now situated in Wasteland.

Like the other characters saved by Mickey and Jiminy Cricket, he will request Mickey's help to get him home safely. He can be found in Cave of Wonders: Entrance. Once rescued, he returns to the Fortress and waits patiently with Oswald.


  • "Hiya, Jiminy! Gee, is this some kind of dream? Cause' if it is, I wanna be a real boy."
  • "Kidnapped?!"
  • "Oh, boy! When I get home. I want you both to meet my new friend, Honest John. He says I'm a natural born actor, and he's gonna get me a job!"
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