Pipe Organ Madness is a quest in Epic Mickey. It is given to you by a Lonesome Ghost named Gabriel. The objective is to calm the Pipe Organ down, so the Ghosts can go back
Pipe Organ
to Lonesome Manor. When Mickey arrives at the Pipe Organ room, the Pipe Organ will ask him to play a song on his keys. Mickey can play them by jumping to each key with a music note hovering over it. Make a wrong move, or take too long to play the next note, and the Pipe Organ will start the song over. Completing the song calms him down, and he allows Mickey to climb up his pipes to reach the next area.

However, an alternate method is smashing the black keys and thinning out the white ones, which angers the Pipe Organ to where he refuses to speak to Mickey. Mickey can still use his pipes as a path, but it is highly difficult.


  • The "Paint" method is a reference to Banjo-Kazooie, where you must play an organ by jumping on the keys Motzhand plays in Mad Monster Mansion.
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