The Pirate Conversion Machine (AKA Hook's Machine or the Machine) is a machine built by the Mad Doctor located in Skull Island. While similar-looking machines produce Beetleworx, this machine (as the name says) is to convert the cartoon pirates into Bashers.


While in Ventureland, Mickey Mouse and Gremlin Gus learn from Smee that the reason he and several of his pirate crew are in Ventureland is that they're hiding from their former crewmates, who are being turned into robots by a machine in their former home, Skull Island. Gus encourages Mickey to see to the machine while they look for the second Moonliner Rocket Part.

When Mickey and Gus arrive in Skull Island, they immediately see the PCM, which is unleashing an unlimited number of Bashers. However, the two are only there to raise Smee's boat and find Hook. His Machine is optional.

Should Mickey choose to interact with the Machine, he needs to find the four Paint and Thinner Pumps that are connected to it. Two are located on the right side of Skull Island, while one is on the left side and the last one on the upper level. If Mickey fills all four of these Pumps with Paint, the PCM gradually reverses until it converts the Bashers into pirates instead of the other way around. If he fills all four with Thinner, the Machine breaks, but it can't un-convert any of the pirates. If Mickey tries to fill a Pump with the opposite substance that he used in a previous Pump, Gus will stop and warn him, but after that Mickey can do it anyway. If the Pumps are filled with combined mixtures (regardless of the actual combination), the PCM jams, preventing Mickey from fixing OR destroying it. If Mickey talks to Pete Pan on top of Skull Island later, he will comment on what Mickey did or didn't yet do with the Machine (It's from Pete Pan that the Machine's actual name is revealed).



  • Skull Island- The unlimited Basher supply ceases and the Robotic Beetleworx pirates are restored back to their human forms and the area with the Pirate Friend Pin is revealed. This will also earn a Pirate Friend Pin.
  • Ventureland- The pirates leave and Smee hands over Daisy's Torso happily.


  • Skull Island- The unlimited Basher supply ceases, Thinner flows over the island out of the skull's "eyes."
  • Ventureland- The pirates leave, Smee hands over Daisy's Torso.


  • Skull Island- Nothing.
  • Ventureland- The pirates remain. There are more quests added to Ventureland when you return. These quests are from a few pirates.


  • A 2-D Cutscene showing three pirates being converted back into pirates is only unlocked if you reverse the machine.
  • The Mad Doctor has presumably used this machine (or at least a similar one) to convert himself into a Animatronic.


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