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Moody in Epic Mickey

Moody is a pirate who lives in OsTown. He was one of the various unnamed skinny look-alike pirates in the movie Peter Pan and its sequel.

In Epic Mickey

In Epic Mickey, Moody stands below the noisy safe at the Gag Factory. To open the safe, Mickey must either paint in Moody's house or thin out the beam holding it. If he chooses to thin it out, the safe falls on Moody, making all of Moody's future quests unattainable. Moody also has a role in fixing Animatronic Donald's Tug Boat after Mickey has collected all parts of his parts. This quest also cannot be completed if the safe is thinned.

He has a cousin named Rigger Greene whom Mickey must or can rescue in the Pirate Voyage. To do so, Mickey should seek out Gremlin Erik in the same level and free him, which will unlock Rigger Greene's cell and reunite him with Moody.

In Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two

Moody in Epic Mickey 2

In Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, Moody appears in his house. He has lost his memory and it is said because of an accident. Mickey can take pictures of his favorite things about OsTown to try and help him remember. He can also take pictures of places that he and his cousin Rigger Greene could explore.


  • Though not directly stated, it is hinted in the sequel that the safe above the Gag Factory had been dropped on him, meaning that the Thinner path for saving Gremlin Prescott is considered canon and is also the reason for his memory loss. Evidence includes the fact that the safe is now gone.
    • The disappearance of the safe could also be due to the fact that when the Blot attacks at the end of the first game, the beam holding the safe up is thinned out which drops the safe.