Concept art of Tortooga, a location within Pirates of the Wasteland.

Pirates of the Wasteland is one of the major worlds of Epic Mickey. It is mainly based on Adventureland from Disney parks and the Disney animated movie, Peter Pan. Most of its inhabitants are pirate characters based off Hook's crew in Peter Pan. Inhabitants include Smee, Animatronic Hook, and Animatronic Daisy, whose scattered parts are found around this world in Epic Mickey.




Projector Screens

In Epic Mickey

Mickey first enters the Pirates of the Wasteland world after finishing Tomorrow City. Once enough Power Sparks are obtained, Gremlin Markus activates Jungle Rhythm projector leading to Ventureland. Scattered throughout the various levels are Animatronic Daisy's parts, which can be collected to rebuild her. The last level of the world, the Jolly Roger, contains the world's final boss battle against Animatronic Hook.

In Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two

The area returns in Epic Mickey 2, notably as the location of the Mad Doctor's Ride. Much of the area aside from Ventureland does not reappear, however. 


  • The E3 2010 coverage of Epic Mickey primarily consisted of levels in Pirates of the Wasteland, with Ventureland, Skull Island, and Steamboat Willie being playable in a show floor demo. 
  • The general Pirates of the Wasteland area is often referred to as Ventureland. However, the official game guide and the game's files refer to the world as Pirates of the Wasteland, separate from Ventureland, the hub area.
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