Playing Cards are residents of Mickeyjunk Mountain and assist Oswald in guarding his sanctuary and by extension the bottle containing the Blot. Notable ones are Decker, a five of spades who operates the crane at the bottom of the mountain, Jack Trade, a three of spades who keeps the door to Oswald's sanctuary closed, and the Ace of Spades, who tests Mickey in three trials before he allows him to see Oswald and considers him a greater hero than Mickey.


  • Quite a few of the Playing Cards don't seem to like Mickey, however they most likely believe so due to their leader Oswald telling them how much he doesn't like him.
  • They originate from the "Thru the Mirror" short, which is also a Projector Screen level to OsTown in Epic Mickey. A notable difference here is that they are Mickey's normal size and carry spears, akin to the Card Soldiers from Alice in Wonderland.

One of the playing cards appears as a skeleton in Epic Mickey 2.


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