Projector Screens

Mickey about to enter a projector screen.

Projector Screens
are a way of transport in the Cartoon Wasteland.

They are represented by average-looking projector screens showing the title and ending cards for either an original Mickey Mouse or Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoon, a film, etc. Jumping into into one of these brings Mickey (and Oswald) into a linear 2D level based off of the cartoon. Mickey has to make it to the end and go into another Projector Screen to get to another part of the Wasteland. Each Projector Screen contains a Film Reel that can be exchanged for items at the Cinema in Mean Street.

In Epic Mickey

There are 36 Projector Screens in total in Epic Mickey, each one containing a Film Reel. However, there are two instances in the game where Mickey has to choose either one Screen or the other. Not both. So, the game must be completed twice to get all 36 Film Reels.

List of Projector Screens
Complete list of Projector Screens in Epic Mickey

In Epic Mickey 2

Projector Screens reappear in Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two and have now have two separate paths. There are various formations for this, mostly with separate paths for Mickey and Oswald that lead to the same exit. Oswald is often in the background and Mickey is in the foreground.

They are still used as public transportation, but they are not the only form of transport anymore. Now, players can choose between Projector Screens and the Dahl Engineering Corridors constructed by the Gremlins to get to certain locations. Also, Projector Screens can lead to more than two places in Epic Mickey 2. There is also a newly accessible substation for the Projector Screens in Rainbow Caverns which is visited during the first episode which requires you to fix the Projector Substation. The levels in the projectors have also been updated too, with the removal of the Oswald cartoons and the inclusion of three Silly Symphonies cartoons, a segment from Fantasia and a Mad Doctor Song, though arguably it is not part of the main network.

List of Projector Screens
Complete list of Projector Screens in Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two


  • In Epic Mickey 2, Gremlin Gus explains that the Projector Screens had an upgrade. However, when you meet him in the Floatyard, Gremlin Prescott mentions that Gus refused his plans to upgrade them. This most likely means that Prescott had a plan to upgrade the projectors, but was turned down in favor of the current one.

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