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A typical Quest.

Quests are objectives that Mickey Mouse is given to complete in the Epic Mickey series. There are plenty of optional Quests as well as mandatory ones. Here are all the lists of Quests from the different areas in the game.

Epic Mickey

Dark Beauty Castle

  1. Escape Dark Beauty Castle
  2. Return Home
  3. Meet Oswald in the Control Tower
  4. Defeat the Blot

Gremlin Village

  1. Patch Steam Pipes
  2. Ticket Booth
  3. Find Small Pete's Ship Log
  4. Navigate the Asian Boat Ride
  5. Raise the Fire Bridge
  6. Save Gus' House
  7. Open the Gate
  8. Reach the Clock Tower
  9. The Leaning Tower
  10. Get Inside the Colosseum
  11. Clock Tower

Mean Street

  1. OsTown Projector Screen
  2. Collect Film Reels
  3. Recover Horace's Book
  4. Gilda's Lost Axe
  5. Find Casey's Key
  6. Museum Power Spark
  7. Tomorrow City Projector Screen
  8. Detective Mickey I
  9. Find Dog Tags
  10. Bunny Roundup I
  11. Confront Petetronic
  12. Bunny Children & Power Sparks
  13. Ventureland Projector Screen
  14. Detective Mickey II
  15. Find the Missing Pirate
  16. Bunny Roundup II
  17. Restore Pete Pan
  18. Bog Easy Projector Screen
  19. Bunny Children and Power Sparks
  20. Detective Mickey III
  21. Find the Hatchet
  22. Bunny Roundup III
  23. History of Colonel Pete
  24. Oswald Needs Help
  25. Secret Door
  26. Detective Mickey IV
  27. Bunny Roundup IV
  28. Battle of Mean Street


  1. Bridge Repair
  2. Noisy Safe
  3. Ice Cream Cake
  4. Find Goofy's Parts
  5. Thin the Gag Factory
  6. Paint Moody's House
  7. Gremlin Prescott's Wrench
  8. OsTown Phone Network
  9. Mickeyjunk Mountain Phone Network
  10. Found: One Gear
  11. Back to Mean Street
  12. Deliver the Cake to Horace
  13. Deliver the Pie to Horace
  14. Ortensia's Locket
  15. Gather the Flowers
  16. Battle of OsTown

Mickeyjunk Mountain

  1. Ascend the Mountain
  2. Power the Crane
  3. Knock Knock
  4. Three Challenges
  5. The Shadow Blot
  6. Seek Out Oswald

Tomorrow City

  1. Raise the Notilus
  2. Shut Down the Valves
  3. UFO Challenge
  4. Talk to Mister Rover
  5. Defeat the Slobber
  6. Enter Space Voyage
  7. Repair the Rocket Ride
  8. Find the Elevator
  9. Restore the Pipes
  10. Collect All Rocket Parts
  11. Redeem or Defeat Petetronic
  12. Battle in Tomorrow City
  13. Battle in Space Voyage


  1. The Door in Ventureland
  2. Find Daisy's Parts
  3. Scurvy Pat's Compass
  4. Tiki Sam's Masks
  5. A Pirate's Love
  6. Return to Mean Street
  7. Solve Jim's Riddle
  8. Solve Another Riddle for Jim
  9. Jim's Third Riddle
  10. Plant Painting
  11. Restore Bog Easy Plants
  12. Damien Salt and Henrietta Move In
  13. Housewarming
  14. Bosun Blake Moves In
  15. Battle in Ventureland
  16. Find Daisy's Album
  17. Ice Cream for Henrietta

Pirates of the Wasteland

  1. Billy's Lost Bag
  2. Billy's Lost Belongings
  3. Into the Well
  4. Paint the Lanterns
  5. Find Hook
  6. Find Starkey
  7. Mysterious Mystery Gems
  8. Jungle Lanterns
  9. Find the Jungle Symbols
  10. Hostiles in the Jungle
  11. Open the Skull Gate
  12. Fix the Pumps
  13. Smee's Boat
  14. Hook's Machine
  15. Save the Sprite

Bog Easy

  1. Help Gilbert Scare Someone
  2. Recover the Runaway Book
  3. Recover Louis's Courage
  4. Light the Lamps
  5. Find Donald's Parts
  6. Pipe Organ Madness
  7. Go Back to Mean Street
  8. Investigate Donald's Pains
  9. A Keeper for Donald's Doll
  10. Fix Donald's Boat
  11. Fix the Bridges
  12. Help Bertrand Open His Store
  13. Restore the Bell
  14. Gilbert Wants to Fish
  15. Free the Trapped Ghosts
  16. Battle in Bog Easy

Lonesome Manor

  1. Enter Lonesome Manor
  2. Help the Ghost in the Foyer
  3. Match the Paintings
  4. Settle the Library Bookcases
  5. Catch the Flying Books
  6. Restore Leona's Paintings
  7. Return to Ian in Bog Easy
  8. Play the Pipe Organ
  9. Battle the Beetleworx

Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two

Mean Street South


Mean Street North


Bog Easy


Blot Alley



  • It is in fact impossible to complete every Quest in Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two if played on a Nintendo Wii console. This is due to the fact that some quests require a new run through. However, starting a new game on this platform will wipe the original save file completely, forcing you to start again from scratch.
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