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Reach the Clock Tower is a quest when Mickey enters the European Boat Ride.

Upon entering the European Boat ride, there is a projector that leads directly to the Clock Tower. Mickey must first make his ways past the Leaning Tower, by either toppling it over, or spinning the value to remove the whirlpools. Mickey must also find a way past the Eiffel Tower. This can be done by taking the clouds to the back of the Colosseum and advance though rotating platforms or knock the top over by thinning the supports, which leads to the entrance. Mickey will then encounter Small Pete, who he previously met in the Asian Boat Ride. If Mickey doesn't have the ship log, Small Pete gets furious and ambushes him with Spatters, Sweepers and Seers. After defeating them, Pete leaves and the Projecter opens. If Mickey does have the Ship Log, Small Pete takes it and leaves to prove his innocence along instantly opening his treasure room and the Projecter.

The quest is completed before Mickey fights the Clock Tower.

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