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The Real World is the world that humans live in. Real World inhabitants watch cartoon characters that live in the Cartoon World. 

When a real person watches a character, it gains popularity. When the cartoon character's popularity shrinks due to not watching them, they become forgotten. When a cartoon is forgotten, they are sent to the Cartoon Wasteland.

Somehow, real world items often make their way into Wasteland. Such items make up Mickeyjunk Mountain and are sought after in Epic Mickey 2 by Gremlin Copernicus.

Notable Residents

These are notable residents that live in this world associated with the company of Disney.

  • Walt Disney
  • Ub Iwerks
  • Lillian Disney
  • Roy Disney 
  • Roy E. Disney
  • And Countless other Humans


  • According to interviews, when characters end up in the Wasteland, they realize they are cartoons made for people to watch. This seems to contradict the games however, as Mickey holding up an award for his "acting work" in the prologue implied the Real World and Toon World were connected somewhat like in Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
  • The Real World is never really mentioned in the games, but its existence can be deduced from the fact that the Cartoon World is mentioned as an individual entity while Walt Disney, Ub Iwerks and other humans also are, implying they must have been from such a world.
  • In The Graphic Novelization , Yen Sid claims the junk found in Wasteland came from Disneyland via magic whenever something was dropped.
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