Restore the Pipes is a quest given by Gus in Epic Mickey. Following the crash of the Moonliner Rocket, Mickey arrives at what used to be the Mad Doctor's lab, but is now a Thinner-covered mess. As Mickey, enters the area, Gus explains that Mickey must drain the area of Thinner to proceed.

First, Mickey must head over to the Oswald stained glass window and Thin it. Doing so reveals a secret area with a button inside. Stepping on the button temporarily drains the Thinner, but Gus warns this will not last long; Mickey must Paint in 5 pipes in 45 seconds or else the Thinner will flood the area once again. If Mickey succeeds in this task, the area clears for him to proceed. If he fails, Gus warns to quickly run back to safety--else Mickey will be effectively Thinned.


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