Ortensia may be walking the Robot Dog in this concept art piece.

The Robot Dog is an unseen animatronic from Epic Mickey. One of Horace's cases involves going to Space Voyage in Tomorrow City to find dog tags that belonged to the robot.


Concept art icon.png

Notice: This article or section contains information that may be considered speculatory or heavily based on concept art or unreleased content. The canonicity of certain information cannot be confirmed.

  • The dog appears to belong to Mister Rover as he is the only toon in Tomorrow City (aside from captured Gremlins and Petetronic). He also states that he misses his dog, most likely in reference to the Robot Dog. However, a certain concept art piece shows Ortensia walking what looks to be the dog, but may be something else or another kind of dog. 
  • The dog is likely an animatronic Pluto.
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