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A Seer

Seers are part of the Blot's Blotling Army and the first enemy Mickey encounters. They appear exclusively in Epic Mickey.

They are Blotlings that walk around with very long sticky legs like frogs. They have one eye in the center of their body, and will summon more enemies if they spot Mickey, earning them the name Seers. Mickey will first meet them in Dark Beauty Castle when the Mechanical Arm that the Mad Doctor controls is defeated. They are the lowest rank of Blotlings. In the digicomic, the seers are described by Gremlin Gus as the Blot's watchdogs and even act like dogs too. When Mickey befriends one in the digicomic, it rubs up against him affectionately like a dog with a puppy dog eye like expression.


Seers are very simple Blotlings to fight. They will attack by curling into a ball and roll out at Mickey. He can counter it by using his Spin Move or jumping on them. It will make them stunned for a moment, leaving them open for a thinner or paint shower. Also, a second Spin move will kill them. Seers with red eyes appear in later stages. They have increased toughness and roll faster at Mickey.


  • In the first cutscene where Seers are shown at the Dark Beauty Castle Foyer, their eyes are red,. However, the actual Seers in this location have green eyes. This could be an oversight as red eyed Blotlings aren't seen until later in the game.
  • Seers don't appear in Epic Mickey 2, and could plainly be classified as extinct blotlings. It seems that they are replaced by a new type of blotling, Dropwings.
    • However, a seer is imprinted on a pin that can be bought at the Emporium.
    • They also appear in an early AI test, implying they were supposed to appear in the sequel.[1]



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