Shifty is a horse and a temporary resident in Mean Street. He only appears when Mickey is solving Horace's "Detective Mickey I" Quest.

Mickey has to find Horace's missing book. He finds out who took it by painting in the thinned-out footprint trail. When the trail ends at Shifty on the roof of the Cinema, the result depends. If Mickey painted in ALL of the footprints, with the trail leading to him obvious, Shifty admits that he took it and hands it over. However, if Mickey missed even one footprint, Shifty denies that he took it but will offer to sell it for 50 E-Tickets. Fortunately, Mickey can refuse, paint in the missing print(s), and get the book for free. When Mickey exits Horace's Detective Agency after returning the book, Shifty is gone and remains so for the rest of the game.

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