Shocker Blotworx

Shockers are the strongest type of Blotworx in Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two. They are huge Blotworx who first appear in the Train Tunnels during episode 2.

They are powerful foes that hurt their enemies by smashing their fists together. They can generate bolts of electricity that can harm Mickey and Oswald


Don't give a Blotworx Shocker the opportunity to do a number on Mickey. To defeat the Shocker, he must first perform a jump near the head and knock of its mask. Destroying the mask reveals a large red button, but first he will have to wait for the Shocker to perform a slam attack in order for the flames protecting the button to go out. While the flames are out, Mickey can jump on the button to spray the Spatter pilot to befriend or destroy it. Mickey can also cast a TV Sketch and the Spatter controlling it will come out, then quickly use a Guardian (either a Tint or a Turp to redeem or destroy it without breaking its mask off.






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