Slalom is the first location in Gremlin Village in Epic Mickey. It is followed by the Ticket Booth.


Upon entering the Slalom, Gremlin Tiestow greets Mickey and asks him to paint in the gears to open the door. If Mickey paints in the gears, the door will open. If Mickey destroys the middle gear, the door will open but Tiestow will become upset.

After continuing through the door, Mickey must paint in the steam pipes, toon floors, and gears to navigate to the exit. Near the end, Mickey encounters his first Spatters. After the Spatters are defeated, the door to the Ticket Booth is opened. If Mickey patched the four pipes, Tiestow will offer Mickey the Extra Content behind the pipe. If Mickey didn't patch the pipes, steam will come out, making the Extra Content unaccessible.


  • This is the first area where Mickey encounters Spatters. 


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