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Sleeping Beauty is one of the Projector Screen levels that can be found inside Dark Beauty Castle. When Mickey and Gus revisit the Mad Doctor's Lab, they have to fight countless Sweepers and a Slobber to collect the key that unlocks the door out of the room. The Sleeping Beauty Projector Screen lies behind the door and leads to Oswald's throne room.

Level description and item locations

Mickey starts out in front of King Stefan's Castle. After some rocky ledges, he encounters Maleficent (in dragon form) guarding the ledge with the Film Reel. The wind from Maleficent's wings pushes him back if he's not fast enough. A TV Sketch rests on the ground under the Film Reel ledge.

Past the rocky ledges is the forest where Princess Aurora (under the name Briar Rose) was raised by Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather. A hidden passage under a tree/platform leads to an area under a log bridge where an Anvil Sketch is available for the taking.

Another Sketch is hidden inside a hollow log past the bridge. One platform up is Aurora's cottage with the exit screen.


  • This level, along with Fantasia, are the only Projector Screen levels that do not have any E-Tickets to collect. Instead, Mickey can collect sketches to refill his supply.
  • A slightly altered version of the score for "Once Upon a Dream" plays during this level.
  • It is unknown why the directors for the game picked a popular Disney movie for a Projector Screen level rather than another Mickey Mouse cartoon. The most likely reason for the exception is that this Projector Screen level takes place inside Dark Beauty Castle. A dark, twisted version of the castle from Sleeping Beauty.
  • Mickey's face shows up on the exit screen like always. Despite this not being a Mickey cartoon. The same thing happens in the levels based on the Oswald cartoons.
  • "Sleeping Ortensia": A collectable artwork with Ortensia as Wasteland's version of Sleeping Beauty in Dark Beauty Castle is obviously inspired by Sleeping Beauty.


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