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Spatters are common enemies in Epic Mickey. They resemble anthropomorphic paint spatters. They are one of the varieties of Blotlings that Mickey must face. It is interesting to note that they appear to have ears similar to that of Mickey's on their heads, possibly because of the Blot originally being a sculpt of Mickey.

In Epic Mickey[]

Spatters are drippings from the Blot, and like him, are made of both Paint and Thinner. Spatters first appear in their more common form as being just naked. However, as Mickey progresses into Gremlin Village, they will begin to look like the dolls from the It's a Small World attraction in the Disney Parks. They will also wear many other outfits depending on which attraction they are in. Epic Mickey designer Warren Spector has stated "They're the popcorn unit." Warren then goes on to say, "you need something that the player can just swat away." The Spatters have been described as funny, stupid and silly.


A Spatter on Skull Island meeting his end by way of Thinner.

Spatters will charge Mickey and attempt to attack by slamming their heads on him. They give a hesitation before attacking again which makes them a very simple unit to fight. They will come individually, or in small groups. Although they will take a more difficult turn when using the effective "strength in numbers" trick, Mickey can turn this back on them with his Paint effect. This will turn the Spatters into Painted light blue versions of themselves that will salute Mickey and attack their former friends.

Using a TV Sketch on them will result in them to stop attacking you. They'll lay on their stomachs, prop their head up with their hands, and wave their legs back and forth in the air in a calm manner. Attacking them with anything (Paint, Thinner, Spin Move) will break them out of the trance and go back to attack mode or continue watching, if you painted them.

The Shadow Blot is able to spawn Spatters using his powers. He is likely to spawn some Spatters during the boss battle after the player sprayed Paint or Thinner into his mouth for the first time. Befriending the Spatter will make no difference at this moment. If a befriended Spatter is hit by the Shadow Blot's attack, it will change back into the normal Spatter and will start to attack the player again.


The Spatters are numerous, and inhabit every adventure world Mickey will come across. In the first game, they also wear outfits corresponding to which parts of the Wasteland they are found in.

Known Locations where they are encountered:

"Epic Mickey: The Graphic Novel"[]

"What would a monster be without his minions? The Blot is no exception to this rule, and he has shown that he's more than capable of cranking out as many minions as he wants. Spatters come in all shapes and all sizes, and each of them poses a different danger. How Mickey chooses to deal with the Spatters will say a great deal about his character. The Spatters either may be wiped out of existence... or else they could wind up being redeemed and becoming devoted aides to Mickey Mouse in his determination to right the wrong he has unleashed upon... Wasteland!" - Digicomics App Bio

Spatters make a brief appearance in Epic Mickey: The Graphic Novel. One is first seen at when Mickey first meets Clarabelle Cow and charges towards them before being Thinned. A red Spatter is later seen in a flashback during the Thinner disaster, riding a door like a surfboard on a wave of Thinner. One final Spatter appears briefly as Mickey navigates through the inside of the Blot to find his Heart.

Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two[]

"SPATTERS- Minions created by the Blot, they followed all orders given to them by their master. When the Blot was destroyed, these little creatures wandered lost and alone through Wasteland, until finding a home in Blot Alley and the Gulch." - Epic Mickey Facebook page description

Spatters are in the sequel to Epic Mickey. They now live in the Disney Gulch and Blot Alley. Some are trained by Ghost Ian to be more friendly to everyone (except Mickey, due to all blotlings disliking him).

In Blot Alley, upon notice of Mickey's presence, they will attempt to ring a bell. If the bell is rung too many times (or if Mickey himself rings it), Ian will grow annoyed at Mickey for causing trouble. The same applies if Mickey thins out the Spatters. However, if Mickey gets through by painting the Spatters, Ian will be pleased and give Mickey a pin for his efforts.

Most leftover Spatters were forced by the Mad Doctor to pilot his Blotworx. These Spatters have one eye, possibly due to factory mutation.

Epic Mickey: The Power of Illusion[]


Spatters are the second types of enemies encountered after the Blue Mushroom in the game. Here, the Spatters cannot be redeemed at all. If Mickey gets close to a Spatter, it'll use its head bash. To defeat a Spatter, Mickey must avoid its attack and then jump on it while holding the B button.




Notice: This article or section contains information about content that was planned or conceptualized for the Epic Mickey series, but was ultimately scrapped. Information about scrapped content should not be considered canon.

  • Originally, Spatters had Yellow eyes and came in a variety of colors. Purple with a green streak, Red with a blue streak, and Blue with a yellow streak. It could be assumed that the red colored Spatters were supposed to be the tougher variant before being replaced with simple red eyed variants in the final game.
  • Spatters originally came out of contraptions called Spatter Spawners. Spatters were either just there, or they came out of special pipes.
  • A painted Spatter will attack other Blotlings, but after it has taken enough hits, it will snap out of the Paint trance and resume attacking you.
  • Spatters have round mouse ears, due to Mickey designing them from his own likeness.
  • Befriended Spatters cannot defeat Beetleworx; just distract them.
  • As art for the game shows, some/all Spatters were going to have wings. This never came to be in the first game, but in the second game, the idea may have been use on the Dropwings.
  • A Spatter dressed in a pirate outfit serves as Animatronic Daisy's cameraman for the Duck News Network.
  • The redeye-variant spatters that spawn in Tortooga when you ignore the quest Hostiles in the Jungle are not, in fact, tougher than typical spatters. They have the same paint/thinner resistance and deal the same damage. Since Gus' text here directly states otherwise, this is presumed to be a programming error.