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A typical Spatter

Spatters are common enemies in Epic Mickey. They resemble anthropomorphic paint spatters. They are one of the assembly of Blotlings that Mickey must face. It is intresting to note that they appear to have ears similar to that of Mickey on their heads, possibly because of the Blot originaly being a statue of Mickey.


Spatters are some of the spawns of the Shadow Blot, and like him, are made of both paint and thinner.


Spatters appear in their more common form as being just naked. however as one progresses they will begin to look like the dolls from the it's a small world dolls in Disney World Park. Epic Mickey designer Warren Spector has stated "They're the popcorn unit" Warren then goes of to say "you need something that the player can just swat away". The Spatters have been described as funny, stupid and silly.


A spatter meeting his end by way of thinner.

Most Spatters will charge Mickey and attempt to hurt him by slamming their heads on the floor. They give a hesitation before attacking again which makes them a very simple unit to fight. They will come individually, or in small groups. Although they will take a more difficult turn when using the effective "strength in numbers" trick, Mickey can turn this back on them with his Paint effect. This will turn the Spatters into Painted light blue versions of themselves that will salute Mickey and attack their former friends.

Using a TV on them will result in them to stop attacking you. They'll lay on their stomachs prop their head up with their hands and wave their legs back and forth in the air in a calm manner. Attacking them with anything (Paint, Thinner, Swing Attack) will break them out of the trance and go back to attack or continue watching if you painted them.

The fake Shadow Blot is able to spawn Spatters using his powers. He will likely to spawn some Spatters during the boss battle after the player sprayed Paint or Thinner into his mouth for the first time. Befriending the Spatter will make no difference at this moment. Ironically, if the befriended Spatter hit by the fake Shadow Blot's attack, it will changed back into the normal Spatter and will start to attack the player again.


The Spatters are numerous, and inhabit almost any adventure world Mickey will come across.

Known Locations where they are encountered:


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