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Spinners are a variety of Beetleworx. They are spider-like robots with shells covering their torso and they are equipped with buzz saws among other weapons. Spinners are first encountered in the Tomorrow City Lagoon in Epic Mickey 1 and Bog Easy in Epic Mickey 2.


In Tomorrow City, they are made out of parts of the Disneyland version of the Astro Orbitor.

In Lonesome Manor (as well as Bog Easy in the sequel), they have a skeletal appearance, based off the skeleton spider that appears in the 1933 short, The Mad Doctor.

In the sequel, a variant that appears to modeled after an old smiling ladybug float appears in both the opening and in the Floatyard.

In the Train Tunnels, but only in the Wii version somehow, a previously scrapped version wear they just wear oversized tea-cups on their back appear after revisiting it.

An fully unused variant appears in the credits, being based off Mr. Toad and his car, it was likely that this version would appear in the Floatyard as well.


Spinners are a little more aggressive than Hoppers in Epic Mickey. An easy way to defeat a Spinner is to thin out its shell, then attack its weak point with a Spin once it falls over. This must be done twice to defeat it. Alternatively, it is possible to slowly sneak up behind one and spin its weak point before it even paints in its shell, but it can be difficult, especially when it's not alone.

These, Bashers, and Tankers are dangerous during the battle with the Mad Doctor, where it is a good idea to have enough TV or Watch Sketches to distract them and erase the red toon eye on the Beetleworx Generator. It is advised to avoid them at all costs.

In Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two[]

In Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, the Mad Doctor redesigned and reprogrammed some of his Spinners, claiming he's a reformed Toon, and that he wants to help Wasteland with his supposedly reprogrammed Beetleworx. However, when adventuring to Bog Easy, Mad Doctor claims that they've been hacked, causing some Spinners to attack the duo.