A Spinner without its toon shell

Spinners are a variety of Beetleworx. They are spider-like robots with shells covering their torso and they are equipped with buzzsaws among other weapons. They can be found in Tomorrow City and Lonesome Manor. In Tomorrow City, they look like the instrument from Treasure Planet, while in Lonesome Manor, their shells are loosely based off of the spiders that appeared in the 1933 short The Mad Doctor. Use Thinner to erase their shells and they will fall on their back. Using the Spin Move on their weak spot while they are overturned will do damage to them and needs to be done twice in order to destroy them. Using Paint will slow down their movement.


Spinners are a little more aggressive than Hoppers in Epic Mickey. To defeat a Spinner, you must spray Paint Thinner on him. Since all machines are emotionless, Paint cannot redeem a Spinner; just slow down its buzz-saws. Once you've erased its shell, you must attack it with your Spin Move. That will deal more damage.

These and Bashers and Tankers are dangerous during the battle with the Mad Doctor, since you must have enough TV Sketches or Watch Sketches to distract them and erase the red toon eye on the Beetleworx Generator. It is advised to avoid them at all costs.

In Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two

In Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, The Mad Doctor redesigned and reprogrammed some of his Spinners, claiming he's a reformed toon, and to help Wasteland with all of his supposedly reprogrammed Beetleworx. One of the Spinners is a smiling lady bug based on one of the forgotten floats from the Disney Parks, it also appears in the Floatyard. The scrapped Tea Cup variant that was going to be used in the first game appears in the Train Tunnels (only in the Wii version) after beating Prescott's mech. An unused variant appears in the credits, based on Toad of The Wind in the Willows. 

Graphic novel

In the graphic novel adaptationMickey and Oswald still meet some spinners in Bog Easy, but the song mentioning that the Beetleworx where supposedly hacked to go back to their nasty ways has been cut, leaving the question of why they were able to attack Mickey and Oswald open as a plot hole.



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