The Sprite is the Wasteland version of Tinker Bell. She is trapped on the Jolly Roger during the boss fight against Captain Hook, and is the good solution to the boss battle. If you free her, she will bring Pete Pan back to Mickey to aid him against Hook. If you choose to fight Hook solo (which is the bad solution to the boss battle), the Sprite is never freed, Pete Pan never regains his courage, and the Sprite presumably dies and becomes a Lost Character. If you fight Hook alone and then free the Sprite, you will get the Captain Hook Pin and will accomplish Pete's Mission on Pete Pan.


  • It is possible that the Sprite is a large and atypical Guardian, like Gilda's Guardian.
  • The Sprite was never seen in person in the game, similar to how Tinker Bell was merely a flash of light in plays of the story, Peter Pan.
  • If you don't save her, the Sprite will turn up in the last battle as a Lost Character.
  • If you choose to rescue the Sprite even after you've defeated Hook, this will still redeem Pete Pan, even though he is not fighting Hook.
  • On the last page of the digicomic 'Oswald the Lucky Duck', an anthropomorphic character dressed like Tinker Bell appears; this could be Sprite.
  • As the Sprite as a green light, she may actually also be inspired by Maleficent's "light bowl" form in the original Sleeping Beauty film.  
  • The Cage she is trapped in is similar to a Gremlin Cage  


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