Steamboat Willie is one of the Projector Screens Mickey must cross in order to reach a different section of the Wasteland. It is based off Mickey's first cartoon.

Part 1

In Part 1, Mickey must get past through the hanging cows while avoiding the cats that pop out from boxes to get to the projector screen.

Part 2


This part is only accessible when Mickey opens the gate by using Paint or Thinner at the Paint and Thinner Pump to open it, but there are two projector screens that have film reels. Mickey cannot get both film reels in one run. This is same like in Part 1, but there is a goat. The musical notes won't be able to hurt Mickey in the game, as they were painful in  Mickey Mania. Instead, the notes act like platforms.

Part 3

This part is accessible when Mickey goes through the projector screen that leads to the Clock Tower. Mickey must jump onto the boxes containing cats and get onto the engine room while avoiding the barrels dumped by Pete to get to the projector screen.



  • Small Pete's wrecked-ship is probably based on the Steamboat in this short or is the actual ship.

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Steamboat Willie

Steamboat Willie

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