Stretching room
The Stretching Room is a level in Epic Mickey, located in Lonesome Manor. It's heavily based on the Stretching Room at the Haunted Mansion in Disney parks. It's a circular room with three tall paintings on the walls and gears in the middle that allow the floor to shift upwards or downwards. After the paintings are mixed up by poltergeists, Mickey is tasked with putting them back in order so that the spirits can allow him to pass.

Solving the Puzzle

Each painting has three vertically stacked sections. Each section can be thinned to reveal a room behind, sometimes containing secrets. Mickey can use his spin attack on each section to rotate them to the correct position. In the center of the room, there is a central gear and three gears surrounding it. One of the outer gears is inert and the other two are toon, so they can be painted in or thinned. If none of the toon gears are painted in, the elevator goes to the ground floor. Painting one of the toon gears brings the elevator to the second story. Painting both of them brings it to the third story. After painting in the desired amount of gears, the central gear can be spun to change floors.

Method 1

By using the elevator and rotating the sections of each of the paintings to put them in order, Mickey can solve the puzzle himself. Doing so gives him access to the exit door, allowing him to progress through the Projector Screen to the next area after getting through the Blotlings hidden inside.

Method 2 (Shortcut)

Hidden in a small room behind the TNT painting on the second story is Gremlin Sydney. He can be found by entering the painting on the second story and turning the gear within. After being freed, he offers to restore the paintings for Mickey, allowing him to skip the majority of the puzzle. The exit doors open and Mickey can progress through the projector screen to the next area after getting through the Blotlings hidden inside.



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