That's What Heroes Do is the final song of Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, depending on Mickey's choices throughout the game. It is sung by Mad Doctor, with small speaking rolls from Oswald and Mickey.


Mad Doctor: What a gift, beyond measure you gave me.

I can't believe you came back, to save me.

Oswald, how did you find a heart to share?

After everything I've done, done to everyone.

How could you, why would you, care?

Oswald: (Speaking) The same reason you saved us Doc.

Mickey: (Speaking) That's what heroes do.

Mad Doctor: (Speaking) Ah! I understand now.

Respect does not come from power;

It comes from courage… and love!

…I'm a toon again ?!?!

(Singing) I'm a toon again!

Can it be? 'I'm a toon again!

Thank you, thank you my dear friends.

Now on this you can depend:

From here on out, 'I'll be good again!

You helped me find the heart and the nerve.

A second chance is what we all deserve !

And in the end, I'm a toon again!


  • The ending lyric is likely a reference to the first song of the game 'Help Me, Help You', where he also used that line at the very end of the song.
  • Depending on what choices you make in the game, you may or may not hear this song. You can only get this song if you've defeated the final boss by using Paint.
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