The Bunny Wranglers is a quest given by Ortensia or Paulie. Ortensia recognizes that Paulie sees a "gold mine" with the Bunny Children and has set up Transport Tubes that can transport the kids to Paulie's Ice Cream Parlor or Ortensia's House. Each tube has a regular charge port on the left side, and an access port at the right. Oswald has to reprogram the access port to send the kids with Ortensia, or charge the other port with electricity to send them Paulie's. Paulie gives the player 100 E-Tickets for every group of Bunny Children, and Ortensia will give you some generic pins for each group of Bunny Children you send to her. Ortensia's reward for sending all the bunny children back to her house is a collectable pin she and Oswald got from Junior the 101st: the "Not Quite 101" pin; whereas, Paulie's reward for sending all the bunny children to his ice cream parlor is the "I Scream You Scream" pin, which would cause Ortensia to berate her husband for sending the bunnies to the parlor instead of the house. The locations in which bunny children can be found are: Disney Gulch, Blot Alley, Train Tunnels, Fort Wasteland, Floatyard, and Mean Street South.

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