Mad Doctor singing to mickey about his being reformed

The Mad Doctor Isn't Mad is a song from Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two. It is sung by the Mad Doctor and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.


Mad Doctor: Mickey, you don't trust me, yes, I know.

I was an evil greedy toon, but that was long ago.

And now this Mad, Mad Doctor is no longer really mad.

I've turned myself around, if I could help you, I'd be glad.

But danger is coming, and Blotworx is their name.

The Blotlings made some weapons, it's a shame, yes, it's a shame.

The weapons, the earthquakes, it's not a happy day.

Wasteland is in danger, I would say.

Oswald: (Speaking) Hey Doc, you okay?

(Mad Doctor stares at Oswald, wanting him to sing)

Oswald: (sigh)

(Singing) Doc, are you okay?

Mad Doctor: I'll drop Beetleworx off, there's much they need to mend.

We're off to help the other lands.

Til then, good luck my friends.

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