The Old Mill is one of the Projector Screens found in the Disney Gulch in Cartoon Wasteland. It is based on the 1937 Silly Symphony cartoon. The cartoon depicts the natural community of animals populating an old abandoned windmill in the country, and how they deal with a violent thunderstorm that nearly destroys their habitat.

The Old Mill


Mickey and Oswald have to climb to the top using the various platforms and pulleys to get to the top. They will also need to briefly disturb an owl's nest in order to reach the next projector screen.


  • The cartoon was the first to to use the multiplane camera which was later implemented in Fantasia and other Disney films. It was purposely being tested in this short for use in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
  • Gameplay-wise, it is similar to the Clock Cleaners Projecter Screen as both involve climbing the inside of a building (Clock Cleaners being the tall clock tower from the cartoon and the Old Mill being the abandoned mill).
  • The Old Mill was the first projecter screen level to be revealed to be in Epic Mickey 2 according to E3's Demos.



The Old Mill (1937)

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